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Men can also be victims of violence. If you examine all types of violence, men experience more incidents than women. But most of the violence against men is perpetrated by other men, most likely a stranger in a public place.
When men are victims of family violence, the violence is usually committed by male relatives such as fathers, brothers or in-laws.
Around 95% of all victims of violence, whether women or men, experience violence from a male perpetrator.
This overwhelming statistic puts a gender focus on violence and requires that men be more respectful to both women and other men.
Sources: ABS 2016 Personal Safety Survey. Diemer, K. 2015
Men and women tend to experience violence in different contexts. While men are more likely to experience violence by male strangers in public places, women are more likely to experience violence from men they know, most often in their home, with the most common perpetrator being a former partner.
The majority of men reported that their most recent incident of physical assault by another man was perpetrated by a stranger. The location was most often a place of entertainment (28%) or an outside location (28%). (ABS, 2017).

Women stated that their most recent experience of physical assault by a man was someone that they knew (92%). In 65 percent of cases, this occurred while in their own home. The most common perpetrator was a former partner (41%). Source (ABS, 2017)