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What is family violence? Family violence is when someone behaves abusively towards a family member. It is part of a pattern of behaviour that controls or dominates a person and causes them to fear for their own or others’ safety and well being.
Violence Against Women: Violence against women continues to be one of the most prevalent human rights abuses in Australia. Violence against women is any act of violence that causes harm or suffering to women.
Violence Against Men: Men can also be victims of violence. If you examine all types of violence, men experience more incidents than women. But most of the violence against men is perpetrated by other men, most likely a stranger in a public place.
Impacts of Family Violence: Family Violence has a profound impact on a person’s health and wellbeing, on families and communities, and on society as a whole. Read More >>
Causes of Violence: Causes of violence against women can be complex but factors associated with gender inequality are the most consistent predictors of violence against women. Read More >>
Key Words and Terms: Some key words and terms used by this online resource. Read More >>