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The Jewish tradition views all human beings - men, women and children - as being created in God’s image. Undermining the dignity and autonomy of women through control and violence is morally repugnant and has no place in Judaism. Jewish law fosters the belief that men and women are equal partners within the family unit, and men must behave with the utmost respect to their partners.
Scriptural Texts:
"A husband should love his wife as much as he does himself and should respect her more than he respects himself." -Yevomot 62b
"A sage said that a man should be meticulous in giving proper respect to his wife, because the blessing of the household is by virtue of the wife." - Bava Metzia 59a
Will my Rabbi believe me? Will he understand?: Responding to disclosures of family violence in a rabbinic context
Written for rabbis in Victoria, this resource book is an introductory guide to the causes and effects of family violence, and how rabbis can respond to victims who ask for help. Sections include: forms of family violence; common q&as; the impact on women; the impact on children; important information for mothers; the cycle of domestic violence; other forms of family violence; a response model for Rabbis; legal issues; and resource contacts in Victoria.